Organic Reduction Step 1 – Shampoo Pré-Tratamento 1000ml
16 de July de 2016
16 de July de 2016
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Organic Reduction Step 2 – Biogloss termoativado 1000ml

Brush Organic Reduction facilitates modeling of unruly hair , reduces the volume , combat frizz and gives shine and natural movement to the hair. Its formula uses technology Tannicplastia Keratin , synergism between acid Tannic and Glioxiloil Keratin that act forming a protein network within the intercellular cement cortex that when activated by the temperature of the board , provides the desired format and ensuring hair more smooth, natural and bright .

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Tannic acid and Glioxiloil Keratin.

BENEFITS: Hair soft, silky, shiny and naturally smooth.


• No formaldehyde, glutaraldeídos or toxic substances.
• No smoke, smell or ardências.
• 100% natural and healthy;
• Compatible with any chemical.
• average length from 30 to 60 washings.

How to use: After the cleaning process with the Pre-Treatment Shampoo (Step 1) and dry hair, apply lock to lock the Biogloss Termoativado (Step 2), distributed with the help of a thin root comb to the tips . Make sure all wires are evenly moistened. Let stand 60 to 90 minutes for all product properties are absorbed.

TIP: For best absorption in waterproof hair, every 10 minutes of break time again comb the wiring with a fine tooth comb. In extremely resistant hair, use a thermal cap during the 60 minutes or some other thermal insulation material as a protective plastic film. Rinse only with cold or lukewarm water completely removing the product and proceed to brushing. Make a smooth brush reaching a high gloss. Pranche slowly into thin strands (1 cm) on average 20 times according to the structure and fiber strength ever more pranchando least the root and the tips, thus preventing dryness for excess temperature.

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