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23 de July de 2018
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Bálsamo Condicionador 1000ml


The Brazilian Miracle Hair Treatment is based on the synergism between Tannic Acid and Keratin Amino Acids, which act as a protein network along with the intercellular cement of the cortex that, when activated by the temperature of the plank, provides the desired shape guaranteeing even smoother hair, natural and bright.

Main Assets: Tannic Acid, Glioxyloyl Amino Acids, Panthenol, Keratin, Argan Oil and Coconut Oil.
Benefits: Facilitates the modeling of stubborn and bulky hair, Reduces volume Combats frizz and Provides natural shine and movement to the hair.

Pre-Treatment Shampoo (Step 1)  SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE

The Pre-Treatment Shampoo (Step 1) was developed to remove any residue from chemical products and protect the hair from the Brazilian Miracle Hair (Step 2) application. Its formula provides nourishing and cleansing to hair cuticle without damage assisted by the nourishing properties of Argan Oil, Omega 3 and other healing elements.  

Directions: Apply Pre-Treatment Shampoo (Step 1) to wet hair, gently massage into scalp, distribute evenly over full length of hair, leave in for 3 minutes, finally rinse and repeat the process.

Conditioning Balm (Step 2) – SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE

It facilitates the modeling of stubborn and bulky hair, reduces volume and fights frizz, lends shine and natural movement to the threads, due to its formula rich in panthenol, keratin, argan oil and coconut oil.

Directions: After the cleaning process with the Pre-Treatment shampoo (Step 1) and with the hair dry, apply wick to the wick Conditioning Balm (Step 2), distributing with the help of a thin comb from the root to the tips . Check that all wires are evenly moistened. Allow to act for 60 minutes so that all properties of the product are absorbed. TIP: For better absorption in impermeable hair, every 10 minutes of the pause time, re-comb all the threads with a fine comb. On extremely strong hair, use a thermal cap for 60 minutes or some other thermal insulation material such as a plastic protective film. Then rinse lightly with water, removing excess unabsorbed product.Note: With damp hair, Spray Fine Brush Fluid (Step 3) all the way through the strands. Then make a smooth brush with a high gloss. Slowly plank in thin wicks (1 cm) on average 20 times according to the structure and strength of the fiber, always plucking the root and minus the tips, plus the root and minus the tips, thus avoiding dryness due to excess temperature.

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