Máscara Therapy Care: 1000g
23 de July de 2018
Shampoo Progressive 250ml
23 de July de 2018
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Mask Progressive 250g

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Developed especially for hair with smoothing and progressive. Its formula rich in Argan Oil and D-Panthenol provides intense hydration, silkiness and nutrition for the most sensitized areas.

Main Assets: Argan Oil and D-Panthenol

Benefits: hydration, smoothness and long-lasting smoothness.

How to use: Apply Mask Home Care to clean and moist hair. Spread over the total length of the wires. Wait 10 to 15 minutes and rinse. Repeat application if necessary.

* Due to the balanced pH and synergy of the active ingredients, its continuous use prolongs treatment durability by up to 50%.

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