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4 de April de 2017
23 de July de 2018
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Revitalizing Balm is designed to restore extremely damaged hair. Its formula rich in Coconut Oil, Keratin and Vitamin B5 provides the intense nutrition threads, replenishment of essential amino acids, hydration, softness, frizz elimination and anti-yellow system, providing tinting and platinum effect.

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MAIN ACTIVES: Coconut Oil, Keratin and Vitamin B5.

BENEFITS: Intense Hair Repair, Frizz Elimination, Volume Reduction and Anti-Yellow System.

PACKAGING: 1L HOW TO USE: Initially wash the hair with the anti-waste shampoo, rinse and dry the wires 80%. Then apply Revitalizing Balm On Frizz wick to wick over the total length of the wires. Wait 30 minutes for the nutrients to be absorbed. After the break, rinse the wires only with water. Then brush and plank fine wicks for a full cuticle sealing.

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